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"From the onset, I knew I had finally found someone who not only understood my anxiety but had actually been where I was...My husband was classed during the pandemic, as clinically extremely vulnerable and with my health anxiety and my dreadful fear of Covid I wasn’t in a good place but Jo managed to pick me up each and every session...The support she gave me over quite a few weeks was what got me through.  
Jo is compassionate, supportive, caring and totally trustworthy.  I was able to share so much  I had kept bottled up for decades.
I trust Jo implicitly, not just with my past, but with the ‘tools’ she gave me enabling me to cope so much better than I ever thought I could."





"A really well run course. I was worried that it being online wouldn't work, but it certainly did. Jo was knowledgeable and kept us focused. On my first evening at a Youth Club, I used ALGEE successfully! Thanks to Jo."

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course, a great pace and friendly students, intense but enjoyable."

"Joanna was wonderful, a really insightful, friendly and professional tutor. I was absolutely inspired by her and the course itself...I will take forward this training with me. I cannot fault any aspect of the programme. "

"Jo was very good and made areas that could be difficult for people to manage, manageable. I really enjoyed the course, the pre-work and group/classwork were very good."

Youth Mental Health First Aid

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