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Meet the Team

Who We Are

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Joanna Buckland 

Founder & Director 

Qualified Counsellor and Trainer

Jo is resolutely devoted to unveiling people's innate potential, believing good health and prosperity are key. With over twenty years experience studying mental health, she draws inspiration from her journey of navigating challenges and her professional training in counselling and mental health, Jo refers to this valuable insight as learning 'from the inside out' . With a multifaceted background running wellbeing services privately, experience developing an award-winning service in the NHS, and supporting businesses with HR functions, Jo has a unique versatility when developing robust wellbeing programs for complex demands faced by individuals and organisations alike. Beyond this, her expertise extends to working with international charities to alleviate barriers to social prosperity, which has inspired the creation of the Innovess Project, raising money for social impact initiatives within the communities we serve. ​

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Sophie Margetts

Fully Qualified Counsellor 

Sophie is a passionate advocate for personal growth and thriving. Her unwavering commitment to helping individuals flourish is what sets her apart. With a perceptive approach, she goes beyond surface-level symptoms, delving deep to understand the underlying causes of reactions and emotions. What makes Sophie exceptional is her curiosity – a driving force that compels her to explore the stories beneath the surface. She believes that true healing and transformation occur when we address the roots of our challenges. With a genuine and empathetic nature, Sophie creates a safe and nurturing space for individuals to embark on their journey toward thriving. Sophie's dedication to further training is a testament to her commitment to excellence. With a particular interest in helping people navigate past experiences and find answers, she's fully qualified and continues her development through specialist training. This training equips her with a deep understanding of root causes, allowing her to guide individuals toward meaningful and lasting change. With Sophie, you'll find a compassionate guide who is genuinely invested in your journey to a more fulfilling and vibrant life. Her unwavering dedication, coupled with her passion for continuous growth and learning, makes her the ideal collaborator on your path to thriving.

Psychotherapist and Mental Health Trainer (30 × 30cm) (Logo) (Label) (3 × 2in) (14)_edited
Psychotherapist and Mental Health Trainer (30 × 30cm) (Logo) (Label) (3 × 2in) (13)_edited

Sharon Elphick

Associate Trainer and Learning and Development Consultant. 

Sharon is a seasoned Learning and Development leader with over 25 years of experience. During this time, she’s collaborated with industry leaders such as Vodafone, Emirates, Nationwide, and more. Sharon helps organisations thrive by merging innovative approaches with tried-and-true techniques. With a passion for mental health and wellbeing, Sharon specialises in Mental Health First Aid and wellbeing. Having recently been chosen by mental health charity, Dorset Mind to deliver their programs, Sharon comes highly recommended and also holds an impressive average score from feedback of 9.7/10.

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Bex Fawcett

Bookings Team Admin and Office Assisstant 

Bex is the driving force behind our organisation. She's the go-to person when it comes to making sure things run smoothly and works tirelessly to create operational processes that align our business functions with our values. But Bex isn't limited to admin tasks. She's also been part of research projects in the mental health field, showing her commitment to meaningful work. With qualifications in business administration and event management, Bex is all about staying ahead. Beyond the desk, Bex has a talent for orchestrating events of up to 400 attendees flawlessly. Bex also has 11 years of experience as an Executive Assistant at Director Level, and as an Office Manager. Bex’s journey speaks volumes about her dedication and expertise. Her knack for details, super organisation skills, and ability to juggle multiple tasks means we can deliver a high-quality service we’re proud of. Bex's mix of skills, experience, and passion make her an absolute gem on the team.

Psychotherapist and Mental Health Trainer (30 × 30cm) (Logo) (Label) (3 × 2in) (17)_edited
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