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Adult Mental Health First Aid

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‘On average, for every £1 invested in employee mental health, organisations received a £5 ROI. This figure increased to £7.50 with programs that raised mental health awareness in the workplace’

Thriving workplaces and communities.

As research progresses, wellbeing is no longer thought of as 'nice to have' but as a state of being that maximises our potential and creativity. Statistics show significant benefits to the workplace and our communities when positive mental health and wellbeing is achieved.

Mental Health First Aid England research suggests only one in four of us would be able to discuss difficulties openly despite a Deloitte study showing 77% of people experiencing some form of mental health issue at some point in our working lives.

Mental Health First Aid has been recognised by the government as a key initiative to tackle this problem. Contact us today to find out how you can get involved. 

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Adult Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid training is the only evidenced-based course of its kind. Early intervention and prevention bring results. Period. MHFA England's training package was developed in 2000 and honed over two decades using proven techniques tested by clinical practitioners and people with lived experience of mental health conditions.

Our two-day courses increase awareness and confidence, enabling conversations that guide people to seek effective help sooner. Although there is still a demand to respond to more complex situations that impact our mental health with interventions such as counselling, MHFA training is integral to any wellbeing strategy.

What you will learn

  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA®) is a training course that teaches people how to identify, understand and help someone experiencing a mental health issue.

  • MHFA won't teach you to be a therapist, but it will teach you to listen, reassure and respond, even in a crisis – and even potentially stop a crisis from happening.

  • You'll learn to recognise warning signs of mental ill health and develop the skills and confidence to approach and support someone while keeping yourself safe.

  • You'll also learn how to empower someone to access the support they might need for recovery or successful management of symptoms. This could include self-help books or websites, accessing therapy services through their GP, their school or place of work, online self-referral, support groups, and more.

  • What's more, you'll gain an understanding of how to support positive wellbeing and tackle stigma in the world around you.

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Everyone who completes the course receives:

  • Exclusive access to the MHFAider Support App® for up to three years

  • The app provides 24/7 text support

  • The app offers guidance for certain situations and supports MHFAiders'® wellbeing

  • Ongoing access to regular online events that provide further learning and support

  • A digital certificate of attendance to say you are a Mental Health First Aider

  • An online manual to refer to whenever you need

  • A wallet-sized reference card for the Mental Health First Aid action plan

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